Insurance Building Resilience through Smart Data Use

The insurance industry plays a crucial role in protecting people and businesses. To stay ahead and keep improving, it's important to make good use of all the available data, helping to better understand risks, automate processes and serve customers.

The Challenge: Tackling Unstructured Data Labeling

Does your team still label claims by hand?

The insurance sector is grappling with the challenge of navigating through a vast amount of data, including claims, documents, contracts, policy data, customer communication, etc.

Without the right tools and methodologies, insurance firms risk not keeping pace with modern needs, wasting talent capacity, and failing to monitor trends. If these challenges aren't addressed promptly, insurances could face a financial decline, reduced customer satisfaction, and a potential loss of relevance in the competitive landscape.

The Power of AI: Structuring Unstructured Data on Autopilot

Years of expertise have uncovered the AI solutions that help you streamline claim classification, gain insights from real-world data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Rapid Insight Extraction

Transform customer claims and messages into valuable insights swiftly with Gopf, making sense of unstructured data in no time.

Efficient Data Categorization

Gopf not only categorizes and labels your data efficiently but also enriches it, turning claims and feedback into rich data points.

Insights to Action with Visualization

With Gopf's unique data visualization, translate insights into concrete actions, enhancing operations and decision-making in claims processing.


Streamline the management of standard claims to make the claims process more efficient, freeing up your time to concentrate on complex claims, share information, and offer support to the underwriting teams.


Ready to Automize Your Claim and Customer Insights?

Harness the unmatched prowess of AI and place your business at the forefront of the insurance industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you address potential biases in your models and ensure the ethical integrity of the generated output?

The general models we use can be biased and create unethical output. We minimize this risk by visualizing the output, allowing to explore the resons behind the generated output and making it explainable.

How does your SaaS solution integrate with our existing infrastructure, and is data transfer secure?

We offer a SaaS solution with unique data buckets and authentication (Auth0) for each client. As if you would run on-premise in the cloud. Data can be transfered via secure API.

What are the yearly costs and terms of the contract, and can we access our enriched data after cancellation?

The costs of our SaaS solution are on a yearly base, for a tow year contract. You can quit the contract any time and will have access to all your enriched data.

How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of your solution?

We will make the process as transparent as possible, that is why we use various visualisation techniques and include your data such as budget and sales data in order to create full transparency.

Is our data secure and compliant with regulations like ISO 27001 and GDPR in your solution?

We handle data with care and are ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, storing our data in the Google Cloud in Zurich, Switzerland.