Retail Data-Driven Strategies for Smart Buying

In the dynamic world of retail, smart buying decisions are crucial for success and sustainability. The key to mastering the art of procurement lies in leveraging data-driven strategies. With an abundance of data at our fingertips, we have the unique opportunity to optimize our buying processes, ensuring we stock the right products at the right time.

The Challenge: Navigating the Sea of Unstructured Data

Is your purchasing decision based primarily on intuition?

The retail industry is submerged in a deluge of consumer data, spanning from purchasing behaviours to customer feedback. This vast data, coupled with the rapid pace of technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences, makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to offer the right products at the right time, while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Without the right tools, strategies, and expertise, these businesses risk misreading consumer demands, facing stockouts or overstock situations, and losing out on potential sales opportunities. If these challenges aren't addressed in the immediate future, the industry could witness dwindling customer loyalty, decreased sales, and a potential decline in their market standing amidst fierce competition.

The Power of AI: Suggestions What to Buy Next

Years of expertise have uncovered the AI solutions that help you streamline buying, gain insights from real-world data, and ensure customer voices are heard.

Quick Insight from Customer Feedback

Turn customer reviews into actionable insights fast. Gopf helps you understand what your buyers love or want improved.

Identify Product Gaps

With Gopf, categorize and structure product details effortlessly, transforming them into interactive and accessible visual displays to highlight gaps in your catalogue.

Informed Buying Decisions

Leverage Gopf's strategic guidance to make informed buying decisions, ensuring you stock the right products at the right time.


Pinpoint missing items and gaps in your product catalogue and get suggestions on how to complete it


Display your product assortment alongside key metrics such as sales and profit margins to identify and cut down on inefficiencies, such as by improving inventory purchasing

Ready to Shift from Gut Instinct to Data-Driven Buying?

Harness the unmatched prowess of AI and place your business at the forefront of the retail industry.

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We use Gopf to analyse our recipes and products and thus capture new trends more quickly. Gopf shows us where we should look a little closer and where the potential for new products and recipes lies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the platform easy to use?

The software has an onboarding-process which will enable every buyer to work with the platform in less than 5 minutes.

What's the monthly cost of your solution?

The costs of our SaaS solution are on a monthly base in a range of an equivalent to a 20% FTE of a buyer and will save them between 2-3 days of research every week.

How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of your solution?

We will make the process as transparent as possible, that is why we use various visualization techniques and include your data such as budget and sales data in order to create full transparency.

Can we use our cashier software data and do you offer export assistance?

Yes, we need to have data to work. We can guide you through an export of your data out of cashier software.