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Our Product

Quickly Leverage Insights from Raw Data

Speed up the process of gaining actionable insights and making informed decisions by 90%.

For Individuals

Unleash actionable insights from unstructured data for fast and informed decision-making.

Identification of Cluster Gopf

For Organisations

Discover new opportunities and the untapped potential of your data and link it with your KPIs.

Similarity of Datapoints Gopf

Pattern Detection

Find pattern in unstructured data, search for keywords and receive recommendations.


Data Visualisation

Gain insights about clusters, niches, and market potential by interacting with your data.


KPI Integration

Add a layer of actionable insights by integrating your own KPIs for enhanced information.

Similarity of Datapoints Gopf
Power OF AI

We make it easy to gain Insights

Comparative Search

Compare and conquer with ease: The power of comparative search.

In-Depth Monitoring

Stay ahead of the game with in-depth monitoring: Insights for smarter decisions.

Guided Analytics

Make great Decisions faster and less expensive

Unlock the full potential of your data with guided analytics: Transform insights into valuable actions.

of typical consulting costs
Faster to the same results
Helping to identify Value in Data Gopf

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Transforming businesses one client at a time: Hear their success stories with Gopf.

We use Gopf to analyse our recipes and products and thus capture new trends more quickly. Gopf shows us where we should look a little closer and where the potential for new products and recipes lies.

Ralf Wild

Ralf Wild

CTO at Betty Bossy

«With Gopf we were shown how we can gain valuable clues for our statistics from our unstructured data. The video messages are understandable, the visualisations very appealing. We will be very happy to continue the cooperation.»

Susanne Basler

Susanne Basler

CEO at Tel 143 Die Dargebotene Hand

With Gopf, we can visually compare our continuing education offerings with those on the market and see at a glance where we face strong competition and where we have designed programmes that are unique in Switzerland.»

Harald Schreiber

Harald Schreiber

Head of M&K - Continuing Education at HSLU

Here could be your success story with gopf....

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