Manufacturing The Backbone of Progress

In a world full of data, the secret to beating competitors and creating new things is to use this data well.

The Challenge: Navigating the Sea of Unstructured Data

Is It Hard for You to Track What Is Going on in the Market?

Many manufacturing businesses are drowning in a sea of market data such as news, press releases or huge product catalogs, struggling to identify market trends, gauge the potential of new products, and extract valuable insights in a timely manner.

Without the right tools and expertise, these businesses risk losing market share, missing out on innovative opportunities and potentially facing regulatory non-compliance. If this problem isn't addressed within the next three months, these businesses could see decreased efficiency, missed market opportunities, and a potential decline in their market position.

The Power of AI: Transforming Unstructured Data into Actions

Years of expertise have uncovered the AI solutions that help you streamline competitive intelligence, gain insights from real-world data in near real-time.

Collect Relevant Data

Identify the data you want to track—competitor press releases, industry news, or technological updates. We assist you in getting the relevant information.

Find Singals in all the Noise

Transform raw, unstructured data into valuable insights swiftly with Gopf's AI-driven platform. Dive deep and uncover hidden gems!

Get Notified

You don't have to search the web to discover the latest trends anymore. Our automated trend report keeps you updated.


Understand the competitive environment and track new product introductions.


Examine the latest M&A deals and investments of your competitors.

Ready to Upgrade Your Competitive Intelligence Capabilities?

We specialize in transforming messy, raw data into sophisticated market insights and actions, focusing on competitive intelligence in manufacturing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you detail Gopf's integration process into our infrastructure and the security of its data transfer?

We offer a SaaS solution with unique data buckets and authentication (Auth0) for each client. As if you would run on-premise in the cloud. Data can be transfered via secure API.

How quickly can our team get up to speed with Gopf, and what onboarding support is provided?

Thanks to a dedicated onboarding process emplyees will be able to get the most out of the platform in less than 5 minutes.

How does Gopf ensure data safety and compliance?

We handle data with care and are ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, storing our data in the Google Cloud in Zurich, Switzerland.

How easily does Gopf integrate with our current IT systems and employee accounts?

Gopf is easy to integrate into the existing IT landscape and employees can connect via existing Microsoft / Google accounts.