About us

About our company

Crafting unforgettable data journeys through seamless user experiences while championing integrity, curiosity, and diversity to drive team success and innovation.


Get to know the brilliant minds behind Gopf. Our team is made up of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, all committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with data.

Our mission

Amazing New Ways to Experience Data

Our team is dedicated to developing innovative AI & data analytics solutions that enable our clients to make the most of their data. Gopf's mission is to become the leading consumer platform for comparative search and the top choice for data-driven decision support in the business world.

Our story


We derive our name from an exclamation in Swiss German that conveys a sense of amazement. We carefully chose this name to reflect our frustration at the untapped potential of data and our passion for unlocking its hidden insights. Our name may be an expletive word, but our passion for data analytics is nothing short of amazing.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

At the heart of our ethos lies an unwavering commitment to deliver innovative, sustainable, and high-quality solutions with great attention to detail, while fostering a culture of honesty, open-mindedness, empowerment, and continuous improvement with a delivery mindset and agility.



Pushing Boundaries with Cutting-Edge Technology.



Taking Responsibility for Our Actions



Striving for Progress and Development.



Collaborating to Achieve Excellence.



Collaborating to Achieve Excellence.


Customer first

Delivering Solutions with Customer Needs in Mind.

Our office

Visit our Office

We are excited to welcome you to our office in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Gopf Office at Sentimattstrasse 6 in Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Sentimattstrasse 6
CH–6003 Luzern

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