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AI-Power to analyse and process your Data

Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge, better understanding customers, optimize your operations, or drive growth and innovation, Gopf is here to help.

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AI-Powered Analytics

For Faster Strategic Decision Making

Unlock up to 80% more data within your organization and leverage this information to make faster and more informed decisions.


Pattern Detection

Find pattern in unstructured data, search for keywords and receive recommendations.


Data Visualisation

Gain insights about clusters, niches, and market potential by interacting with your data.


Ask Questions

Using our seamlessly integrated local LLM, you can ask questions and engage with your data.

Generative AI

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Generative AI

Would you like to discover what products the market demands or which services are lacking? By leveraging our AI assistant, you can pinpoint gaps in data or the market and receive valuable suggestions.



Our capability to detect gaps in datasets reveals opportunities for new products, services, and other content that are currently absent.


Generative AI

With our Generative AI assistant, you can receive innovative suggestions on how to fill market gaps with new ideas.



Get recommendations on where to concentrate within your dataset - it could be niches, gaps, outliers, or clusters with high potential for growth.


Automated reports and alerts

Stay informed about any market developments that you should know about by relying on our reports and alerts.


Automate reports

Receive reports about changes in the data, new patterns and recommendations


Al trend predictions

We report outliers and emerging trends within a dataset and its changes over time.


Advanced charts

Go beyond traditional charts and delve into novel methods of visualizing data.

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