Kevin Kuhn

Kevin Kuhn

Kevin Kuhn is a Swiss entrepreneur, data enthusiast, and CEO of Gopf. His vision was to bring people and data closer together, making it possible for anyone to explore vast amounts of data and find patterns. He strongly believed that with the right tools and mindset, data could inspire and transform industries.

In 2022 he founded Gopf, driven by his passion for exploring unstructured data. Kevin's journey in the data field started after completing his Master's degree in 2015, when he co-founded his first Data Science company in Lucerne. At that time, not many businesses were aware of the power of AI and data, but Kevin recognized the potential and dedicated himself to spreading the word.

In 2017, Kevin started teaching at the University of Lucerne, sharing his practical knowledge and experience gained through his work with different companies. He continued to teach in various further education programs at different Swiss universities, including the module of "Algorithmic Business" in the Bachelor's program of AI and ML at the University of Lucerne.

He has also co-founded the event series of AI breakfast, which brings people working with data closer together, and even brewed the first beer with the help of AI.

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