Product Manager Intern

Kiana Kiser

Kiana Kiser

Kiana Kiser is an enthusiastic Bachelor of Science student at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where she delves deep into Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. With a palpable passion for innovative technologies and cutting-edge startups, Kiana's background extends across the vast realms of VR/AR, Big Data, Blockchain, and of course, AI/ML.

In previous roles, she has showcased her prowess as a dynamic Project Manager, adeptly navigating brand management, marketing, communication ventures, and people-centric culture projects. Her wide array of experience also spans business development and other cross-functional endeavors. Kiana's commitment to aligning products with customer needs and expectations is evident, and as a Product Manager Intern, she will channel her expertise to focus on the intricate nuances of managing an AI product.

With a genuine curiosity for the intersection of technology and customer needs, Kiana is poised to be a formidable force in the AI and ML sphere.

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