Market Research


Market Insights: Paving the Way for Business Growth

The market research industry is immersed in an ocean of diverse and dynamic data, making it challenging to discern evolving consumer preferences, and provide impactful insights about market trends for their stakeholders.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Manual Unstructured Data Analysis

Is Your Company at Risk of Missing the Next Big Opportunity?

Market researcher risk misinterpreting critical data points, overlooking promising market niches, and lagging in their customer or market analyses. A lot of analysis of unstructured data, such as answers to open questions, today happens manually in a slow, cumbersome and error-prone manner. If these hurdles aren't overcome in the imminent future, the industry might witness reduced effectiveness, missed revenue opportunities, and a potential erosion of their competitive edge in the ever-changing market landscape.

From Chaos to Clarity: AI's Impact on Unstructured Data Analysis

Years of expertise have uncovered the AI solutions that help you streamline market research, gain insights from customer data, and ensure steady research results.

Rapid Insight Extraction

Unlock insights 60-90% faster, transforming complex data into actionable knowledge. Focus on strategy, not tedious analysis.

Less Drudgery, More Strategy

Shift from manual data crunching to strategic thinking. Gopf handles the data, you make the impactful decisions.

Enhanced Clarity with Visualizations

Transform insights into visual stories. Quickly spot trends and patterns, making your data speak volumes.


Conduct thematic analysis on unstructured responses, such as consumer insights or customer feedback, to uncover recurring themes or patterns


Utilize trend analysis on unstructured datasets, for instance in competitive intelligence research, to identify prevailing tendencies or shifts in the market

Advance Your Market Research Expertise: Are You Ready?

Tap into the exceptional power of AI, ensuring your business stands out in the competitive market research industry.

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With Gopf, we can visually compare our continuing education offerings with those on the market and see at a glance where we face strong competition and where we have designed programmes that are unique in Switzerland.

Harald Schreiber

Head of M&K - Continuing Education

With Gopf we were shown how we can gain valuable clues for our statistics from our unstructured data. The video messages are understandable, the visualisations very appealing. We will be very happy to continue the cooperation.

Susanne Basler


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we seamlessly incorporate Gopf into our current IT infrastructure?

We offer a SaaS solution with unique data buckets and authentication (Auth0) for each client. As if you would run on-premise in the cloud. Data can be transferred via secure API.

How can you maintain a consistent and high standard of quality in your analysis?

We evaluate and monitor the Machine Learning models we have on the platform and are able to identify bias due to our data visualisation techniques.

How do you handle sensitive data?

We handle data with care and are ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, storing our data in the Google Cloud in Zurich, Switzerland.

How is Gopf different to the Analytics Platforms we already have?

We are an extension to them, as they offer valuable, quantitative results, we focus on the deep dive of the qualitative analysis and turning them, combined, into actionable insights.